Bougnoux Law firm : legal fees

Hourly cost

In the contract letter which the Agency sends to each client at the beginning of a case you will find the predicted hourly cost four our services as well as the fee for winning your case, which is proportional to the compensation received or the money saved.

Legal protection insurance policies

The client is also made aware of the fact that some legal-protection insurance policies (a clause of defense-recourse in a household-insurance policy, a car-insurance policy, a private health-insurance contract or an independent legal-protection policy) might, according to terms set out in the contract signed, be able to settle all or part of a Barrister’s/Lawyer’s fees in the event of a dispute. The insurer must be notified by the customer that proceedings have begun before any court hearing.

In a situation where the client has signed up to several legal-protection insurance policies, the underwritten guarantees are generally combined.

Choose your barrister

Even in a case in which the insurer pays all or part of the Barrister’s/Lawyer’s fees, the client will always be free to chose which Barrister/Lawyer represents them.

Legal aid

The client will be advised by the Barrister/Lawyer that they may, in the absence of any legal protection and subject to means-testing, be entitled to claim legal aid in accordance with the amended law dated the 10th of July 1991 and passed into statute on the 19th of December 1991.

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